We participated in a newborn photo-shoot at Orsi’s. We, being fresh parents, had a life saving refreshing few hours and a whole lot of tremendously beautiful pictures about our little girl which we treasure the most.
Something more about this treasure only found out a few weeks later: when I’ve noticed a little dot on my hand when I watched one of our family photo’s magnification. It seemed as a mole, but since I had no such thing, I thought it’s a print mistake. It took me days to remember that it was the infusion enter point during my baby girl’s birth procedure.
This picture is really dear for me. It gives back not only the oh-so-pink, baby-wonder happiness, but the physical reality of that time too. That those days were not only beautiful, but also painful. This makes the whole memory somehow wider. This tiny mark made everything more beautiful and real. Thank you Orsi for capturing these moments with such grace for us.


I’ve known Orsi before, but had no clue that she would take my and my soon-to-be baby’s pictures. We are now through 3 photoshoots (maternity, newborn and 1-year) and it meant a world to us that we haven’t felt embarrassed before her camera. I think it’s her calming presence, helpfulness, thorough preparedness and also that she truly cares about the people she is working with. It can be seen by her every move (I had no problem to hand over my 5-day-old little baby to her), by her creative ideas, that she really knows and loves what she is doing.
The final products are beautiful and talk for themselves: they are channeling pure emotions and we were done really quick.

I get back to the pictures time by time, and I couldn’t be more grateful having such amazing memories.


We chose Orsi to capture both the tummy-time and the time after our boy’s birth. She was really attentive during the early negotiations, she had concrete unique ideas for the photo-shoot and it made the whole process easier. She created an ambience where we ourselves shed a tear during the photo-shoot, and later when watching the pictures too. She is the best choice without a doubt. I recommend her whole-heartedly for anyone, who wishes to have cosy, intimate, beautiful and creative pictures about their family. I’m looking forward to a new opportunity when she takes pictures of us 🙂


When I started using photography, I had no clue what area will get me the most. I was interested in everything but I knew the maternity and newborn photography will amaze me the most. I felt trust and honesty from the first moment I met Orsi. As soon as I saw her amazing pictures I asked her if she could take me, she thought about it and said yes. Just in a few hours I had been given more opportunities from the workshops than I thought. There were only the two of us and the newborn. I could not imagine how would it be possible learning this method otherwise. She truly puts her whole being into what she does. Thank you Orsi!