About me

I live in Budapest with my family – they are the center of my world. I have two wonderful children, I just can’t get enough of them. I would like to preserve all of our moments so I could have them forever. I know you feel the same way. And I would gladly help you in turning your happy memories into pictures.

I feel complete when I’m doing photography. While taking a photo, I see not only with my eyes but with my heart too. I do all my work with passion and with the greatest humility, whether it is a newborn session, theaching or post production. I’m blessed to have a job I truly love.

As in all great love stories, photography and I had been polished well together through the years. Ruled by certain qualities finally a real strong bond has been appeared between us, which granted us a chance cooperating the best way possible. I’m really protective about these principles. Should anyone choose me, are choosing these principles too.

Some things you need to know about me

For me every picture is a story.

Your lives, feelings, moments – you can’t see these things „from outside”, but I will show them to you. And the pictures tell stories…

Every photo session is special, but for me, newborn photography is the most wonderful one.

The opportunity of eternalizing a new little being, just after he arrived into this world is very unique! I never use flash, only natural light, so the pictures can be more intimate, more soft.

Nature is my „studio”, whenever is possible.

My favorite time is sunset when really impressive pictures can be taken, and even a „little magic” might happen with you. No walls, no accessories, just you – relaxed and free.

Special moments deserve special quality – that’s what I believe.

Whether you choose digital images, spectacular, exclusive canvas prints or the unique, handmade Fine Art Photo Book, you can count on my high standards.

My partners